Mar 20

Its all Go for 2013

press photo

Phil Atkinson is proud to announce his partnership with Tsingtao WK Bikes and Pure Triumph for the 2013 season of Triumph Triple Challenge yesterday at Brands Hatch.


Feb 04


Want to get involved?

This year we are offering the chance for your company logo or individual’s names or syndicates to be seen by both national and international TV audiences. You will also be in with the chance to win 2 tickets to each round, getting the chance to see what happens behind the scenes, network with other companies already involved and see how it can help your business grow, as well as spend time with Phil during the weekend. Read more…Bike_Grid

Jan 21

Looking into 2013

Hi guys, just a quick update to where things are.

We are still currently actively seeking sponsorship and hoping to be on the grid for 2013. If your a company looking be involved in the race scene for 2013, or have always been interested to see how we can take your business further, why not take advantage of the many televised rounds, the press, and the major networking that comes with great motor racing. Just get in touch with us and we can talk you through it all (details on the contact page)

Lastly, I just personally wanted to extend a big thanks to Jack Lilley Triumph, Clayton Francios, Shark Helmets, TCX, RST, Premier Heating, Muc-Off, Motovelo, Mike Pearce & Sons and all the other friends and family that made it all possible in 2012

Jan 21

Championship points after Rnd8 Brands Hatch – Final Round

Elite Championship Points

Rob Guiver 285.25
James Egan 196.25
Philip Atkinson 190.5
Chrissy Rouse 156
Christian Elkin 118.5
Tom Weeden 114
Tom Hayward 107.75
David Sellers 91
Ben Taylor 85.5
Piers Hutchins 75.5
Daniel Fuller 70.75
Sam Cox 52.5
Will Leaning 40.75
Tom Ward 40
Jake Robertson 29.5
Valter Patronen 25.75
Justin Bateman 20.75
Richard Steadman 19
Kelvin Hoare 15.5
Sam Banda 15
Joe Carnell 10.25
Max Symonds 9.5

Premier Championship Points

James Egan 289.5
David Sellers 175.75
Piers Hutchins 155.5
Daniel Fuller 151.25
Sam Cox 126.75
Jake Robertson 100.25
Will Leaning 89
Justin Bateman 85
Joe Carnell 81.5
Tom Ward 72.75
Richard Steadman 46
Kelvin Hoare 42.5
Max Symonds 24.75